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Dental Implant Restorations in San Francisco

Restore missing teeth

Dental implants are long-lasting and stable solutions for the replacement of one, several, or the entire lower or upper arches of teeth. Made of strong materials such as titanium, the dental implant post is placed surgically in the jawbone where the replacement is needed. The implant gradually fuses into the jawbone and offers a strong base for the placement of dental prosthetics such as porcelain or ceramic crowns.

The process of healing and implant integration with the jawbone takes anywhere from four to six months. During this phase, it is necessary to protect the implant and preserve jawbone strength with implant restorations.

Dental implant restorations are prosthetics that are custom-made to fit the implant post. Depending on your unique dental needs and the number of missing teeth, the implant restoration could be a dental bridge, partial dentures, or a dental crown.

At James Fitzgerald Dental, we specialize in porcelain and ceramic dental implant restorations in San Francisco that are custom-made to align with your aesthetic and functional goals.

What is an implant restoration?

Implant restoration refers to a prosthetic device that is designed to fit on to the dental implant post and serves to replace one or multiple missing teeth. The team of highly skilled dental professionals at James E. Fitzgerald, DDS, creates porcelain or ceramic restorations that look identical to the natural teeth.

Implant restorations in San Francisco with porcelain or ceramic crowns

A crown is a replacement tooth that can be attached to an implant abutment and is made from different strong materials such as porcelain, ceramic, or metal alloys. These materials can be custom colored to match the color of your natural teeth to achieve your aesthetic goals while preserving the functionality of your teeth and jawbone.

To place the crown, the dental professional first evaluates your oral and overall health history apart from selecting the type of crown that is best suited for your unique needs. The tooth or teeth are prepared by removing a tiny layer of the outer portion to ensure the crown fits. An impression is taken of the teeth while the dentist also may build up the tooth’s core if the additional structure is required. The porcelain or ceramic crown is then made and it can take up to two weeks to be ready.

A temporary crown is fitted until the permanent crown is ready. This crown is custom-made at our office using acrylic or steel. Once the new crown is ready, it is fitted onto the implant post using special dental cement. Dental cement is also colored to resemble the natural tooth and when a crown is attached using the cement, there is no discoloration of the crown.

Some dental crowns are directly attached to the implant abutment. These offer ease of use, ease of repair, and are longer-lasting as compared to crowns attached using dental cement. Your dental surgeon may use these types of crowns for back teeth and dental cement for front-facing teeth for best results.

Dental implant restoration benefits

Dental implant restorations offer multiple benefits as compared to traditional bridges or other tooth replacement approaches. These benefits include:

  • There are no restrictions on your diet
  • These implant restorations made of porcelain or ceramic are durable and sturdy
  • Healthy teeth are not needed for support
  • They feel and look like your natural teeth
  • They help preserve the function of your teeth and jawbone

Excellent results at James Fitzgerald Dental

Our dental practice is headed by Dr. James E. Fitzgerald who has over 30 years of experience in providing holistic oral and dental treatments in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Our practice has qualified and highly skilled dental professionals and support staff who update themselves on an ongoing basis on the latest technology, techniques, and best practices in the field.

We also strongly believe in and are invested in preventive healthcare and emphasize regular oral and dental checks, teeth cleaning, and other treatments that protect and optimize your dental health.

Dr. Fitzgerald combines his exceptional clinical and surgical skills with compassion, care, and the utmost attention to patient safety. His meticulous approach to each minor or serious dental health issue is what makes him the most sought-after dental surgeon in Brisbane, CA.

At our practice, we go above and beyond to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and patient safety by implementing stringent cross-contamination prevention practices.

We specialize in wide-ranging general and cosmetic dentistry procedures and our forte lies in the use of advanced technology and techniques. Our porcelain or ceramic implant restorations offer the most natural look and the best results by matching your surrounding teeth in color, size, and shape. These crowns are non-toxic, long-lasting, and biocompatible.

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