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Emergency Dentistry

Brisbane emergency dentistry

As teeth are very sensitive, an injury or infection can cause very serious, often permanent damage if these are not taken care of. With immediate dental assistance, you can solve the problem and protect the health of your teeth.

At James Fitzgerald Dental, our emergency dentists in Brisbane, CA, are fully equipped to handle all types of dental emergencies. Whether you need a fractured tooth extracted or a dental infection cleared up, our board-certified dental surgeons have over 40 years of experience helping people alleviate their pain.

Please contact us as soon as you need help. We are always here to assist you.

What conditions require immediate dental care?

One of the reasons why some patients fail to seek immediate care is that they’re unaware that their condition is critical. Awareness of what emergency dentistry constitutes can help you save yourself from hours of pain and discomfort.

Contact us immediately if you experience any of the following dental conditions:

  • Your teeth have been throbbing non-stop for more than 3-4 hours
  • You are unable to eat even soft foods because of pain in your teeth
  • You have injured your tooth and your tooth is loose, fractured, or completely knocked out
  • You have severe bleeding gums and the bleeding hasn’t clotted within a few minutes
  • You have an unusual swelling around your gums, on the floor of your mouth, or under your tongue
  • You have a cavity or an abscess
  • Your fillings, crown, veneer, or inlay have come-off

Our dental clinic in Brisbane, near San Francisco, is completely equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology, allowing us to administer immediate treatments that will help relieve your pain and discomfort.

"They are very interested in your comfort and well being. The quality is unsurpassed."

What if my tooth is chipped, but it doesn’t hurt?

If you have a chipped tooth but it isn’t hurting, you can choose to either come in right away for treatment or wait until the next morning. Usually, pain, bleeding gums, or the presence of a cavity is an indicator of the severity of your condition. If you don’t have any pain or bleeding, then it is indicative that the chipped tooth hasn’t affected your roots or jaw and can be treated with minor procedures.

If you’re unsure whether to come in for emergency dental care or not, please feel free to speak to one of our dentists. We can advise you about the next steps.

Treatments performed with gentle care

At James Fitzgerald Dental, we understand how trying severe dental complications can be. To make the treatment bearable, we perform all procedures with the utmost of care and preparation. Dr. Fitzgerald will address your individual needs to reduce the pain you feel and help make the entire procedure more relaxed. We use safe and gentle procedures for both children and adults.

We understand that fear may be associated with dental issues for young children and the elderly. Our highly-experienced team will do all they can to put your family member at ease before undergoing treatment. You can trust us to keep you and your family safe.

Contact a member of our team for emergency dental care or to receive more information.

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