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Dental Sealants

Help prevent cavities and keep teeth clean

Sealants are a solution that is “painted” on the surface of teeth that are prone to decay. The solution hardens after it is painted to form a protective barrier on the teeth surface. Sealants are typically applied on the molars’ chewing surface because this area is difficult to clean and bacteria tend to collect.

At our family dental practice in Brisbane, CA, Dr. Fitzgerald, and his team of highly experienced dental professionals recommend and apply sealants on other teeth surfaces based on their detailed evaluation.

What damages our natural teeth?

A sticky and thin film of bacteria is present on the teeth and is called plaque. When we drink or eat foods that have sugar in them such as candy, juice, cookies, or other sweet treats, the bacteria convert the sugar to acids. These acids attack and damage the outer tooth enamel over time, leading to cavities, tooth decay, or infection. Brushing and flossing are recommended ways to prevent bacteria from forming. Children, however, are more prone to the bacterial formation on chewing surfaces on their molars or back teeth. These surfaces are not as smooth as other tooth surfaces and are filled with “pits and fissures”. These grooves trap food particles and bacteria and as the toothbrush bristles cannot reach into these crevices effectively, the risk of bacterial buildup and decay are higher in children.

Besides, a child’s newly erupted teeth are not as strong and resistant to infection as adult teeth. The outer enamel coating of teeth that offers protection against external injury hardens and gets stronger with age. All this means, your child is at high risk for developing decay, cavities, and other serious dental health problems.

One of the most effective ways to optimize dental health in children is to use dental sealants.

Who is a candidate for sealants?

According to the American Dental Association, sealants, when applied early in age, can save not just dental costs but can effectively prevent decay of exposed surfaces. Sealants can also be used in adults who are at risk for cavities and decay.

“I always have a great experience coming to your office. Dr. Fitzgerald and staff take very good care of me.”

What to expect with dental sealants

At our Brisbane dental practice, our experienced dental professionals are focused on patient comfort and safety at all times. Our goal is to make each treatment painless while providing an enriched experience from initial consultation to treatment and beyond.

We follow the best practices for all cosmetic and general dentistry procedures and ensure the dental sealant application is painless, simple, and quick for young patients. The procedure consists of these steps:

  1. The first step is to clean and dry the teeth being treated
  2. The dentist then applies an acidic gel that provides the rough surface needed for bonding the sealant
  3. The gel is thoroughly rinsed and dried
  4. The sealant is then painted onto the teeth surface
  5. A special light is beamed onto the treated teeth to harden the sealant

While being a safe procedure, sealants offer long-term protection against common dental issues in children and adults such as cavities, infections, and decay.

Dental sealants are smart tools that you can use to protect the health of your child’s teeth. Schedule an appointment with our dental expert to know more about the benefits of sealants.

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